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OneTab: Tab-Tastic Web Browser Management

Remember when internet browsers only allowed one window to be open? Then they allowed internet users to have multiple browser windows open and those who were using Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla or even Chrome in their infancy can recall that the ability to have just one browser window open or many that had multiple tabsContinue Reading “OneTab: Tab-Tastic Web Browser Management”

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Pump up the volume with the Zooka wireless speaker bar

When it comes to listening to music or watching films on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, the sound quality is one of the biggest issues – namely that it is not loud enough. There are a number of portable speaker options, but these can often mean messy wires and sometimes complicated balancing acts. These issuesContinue Reading “Pump up the volume with the Zooka wireless speaker bar”

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DAB Radio Guide for this Christmas from John Lewis

DAB radio guide Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a shiny new gadget waiting for us under the tree. And while it may sound a little old-school, the humble radio has become a must-have item on every gadget lover’s wish list. Our John Lewis guest blogger explains why… Forget crackly signals and twiddly knobs, theseContinue Reading “DAB Radio Guide for this Christmas from John Lewis”

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Fitness and Wellbeing Companions

Christmas is coming and lets be honest, I think we’re already dreading the weight we’ll be putting on. So, here at Girls n Gadgets, we thought we’d suggest two fitness and wellbeing companions to help you get back into shape in the new year – also something to maybe put on the christmas list. FirstContinue Reading “Fitness and Wellbeing Companions”