Xmas List – Philips Lumea
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Xmas List – Philips Lumea

We are kicking off a new series, specifically aimed to help you pack out that xmas list as much as you can with the best tech and lifestyle items on the market. We kick off with a corker!

Looking for that ultimate beauty product that’s going to keep you looking divine, look no further. The Philips Lumea is the ultimate in hair removal and will keep you smooth and sexy for longer.

Retailing from £350 – £450, they are well worth the investment. They are so simple to use – A quick point and shoot action is all that’s needed to get the desired results. This is great if you’re going on holiday and would rather not take your razor and shave constantly. It also avoids the dreaded razor rash that leaves your legs dry and red.

Philips Lumea Precision


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