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Fitness and Wellbeing Companions

Christmas is coming and lets be honest, I think we’re already dreading the weight we’ll be putting on. So, here at Girls n Gadgets, we thought we’d suggest two fitness and wellbeing companions to help you get back into shape in the new year – also something to maybe put on the christmas list.

First we have the Fitbit Ultra. The Fitbit Ultra has concentrates more on weight loss, getting you fit and burning calories. The Fitbit works by tracking the number of steps climbed, distance travelled and calories burned. It’s small and discreet – it clips onto whatever you want to clip it to and also comes with a wrist band. The wristband is meant to be used mainly at night as it also tracks your sleeping pattern.

Fitbit Ultra $99.95 and iOS App

You can compliment the Fitbit Ultra with their very stylish Aria Scales which tracks weight, body mass index (BMI), and % body fat. Combined, the Fitbit Ultra and the Aria Smartscales really are an all round weight loss solution. They come in a choice of black or white.

Aria Scales $129.95

Secondly we have the Nike + Fuelband. I’m not going to compare these like for like as I feel that although they sound very similar, they suit different purposes. The Nike + Fuelband is designed for keeping track of your daily activity. There’s isn’t the focus so much on weight loss like the Fitbit Ultra, although with the introduction of the Xbox Kinect Nike + game, there is the opportunity to turn it into a personal training companion.

Nike+ Fuelband $149

The Nike + Kincect game has two real life trainers who will put you through your paces, exactly like they do for the real life sports stars of the world. It asks you to input any weaknesses you have (eg. lower back problem  and it will take these into account when creating your personal training program.

Kinect Training £39.99

The Fuelband works similarly to the fitbit, showing you the calories burned, Nike Fuel, steps taken and the time. Both the Fitbit Ultra and the Nike + Fuelband have free iOS apps to accompany them as well as their websites to track your goals and achievments.

The Fitbit Ultra retails at $99.95 and is available from the Fitbit website. The Aria scales are also available from the Fitbit website at a price of $129.95. The Nike + Fuelband retails at $149 from the online Nike Shop. The Nike + Fitness game is available on the 2nd November 2012 and will cost £39.99.

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  1. I always like the FitBit Ultra because you can just clip the plastic tracker (about the size of a Pink Pearl eraser) to your pocket, it dutifully tracks your movement throughout the day. Data will display how many steps you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve covered, or approximately how many calories you’ve burned. All I can say is that it is far greater than a regular pedometer!

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