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A word of warning from McAfee

Warriors of the internet McAfee has come over all Nostradamus on us and predicted that nearly 20,000 computers in the UK  will be loosing internet access on the 9th July. McAfee has some theory behind this wild prediction though and it has got us a little worried. Basically hackers have been running an online scamContinue Reading “A word of warning from McAfee”


G ‘n’ G Women in Tech Week – Meaghan Fitzgerald, Spoonfed

A Silicon Valley Girl Getting Spoonfed in London I sit staring at source code in an empty computer lab, trying to embed a flash animation of a fish into a website for my sixth grade science project. If I could go back and speak to my eleven-year old self now, the message would be clear: don’tContinue Reading “G ‘n’ G Women in Tech Week – Meaghan Fitzgerald, Spoonfed”