Remote Heating Control from British Gas.
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Remote Heating Control from British Gas.

A huge Happy New Year to our readers.

I wanted to start the New Year by telling you about one of my favourite gadgets and apps from last year.  It wasn’t the latest in mobile technology or an addictive new game. Quite simply, it was the new remote heating control from British Gas!

When I was first contacted about the product, I wasn’t sure, if I was honest. Would people really want to change their heating settings whilst out having dinner, at a concert or even clubbing? I agreed to test out the device and report on my findings.

British Gas iPhone App
British Gas iPhone App

A British Gas engineer came over to fit the device. It didn’t take long to fit the device, approximately half an hour. Not only do they fit the device, they also fit a new thermostat that ‘speaks’ to the device and then theres the communication box that plugs into your router, so there are three pieces of kit. After fitting, the engineer went through everything with me. He showed me their website and helped me sign up online. He went through how the device worked and how to make all my settings online. It is all really straight forward. You can download an iPhone app that will enable you remotely control your heating from your armchair.

Best of all, it’s available to everyone, not just British Gas customers! For more information, please visit the British Gas Website.

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