Mobile Tech

Remarkable Women, by Nokia

On Thursday evening, Nokia, in partnership with Lady Geek, launched their ‘Remarkable Women‘ community. A celebration of 50 women, ‘challenging normal conventions, bravely being different and inspiring others’. I was one of the 50 women chosen and I was honoured to be amongst such an amazing bunch. There were women from a whole range ofContinue Reading “Remarkable Women, by Nokia”


YouGossip and make money for charity!

Earlier this week, YouGossip, a new media sharing site with a difference was launched. The website allows users to upload their their multi-media and make money from their posts. This isn’t very different, you might say. However, while you make money, you are also making money for charity! Founded by Glen Morgan and Ron Czyscon, theContinue Reading “YouGossip and make money for charity!”

Home Tech

A word of warning from McAfee

Warriors of the internet McAfee has come over all Nostradamus on us and predicted that nearly 20,000 computers in the UK  will be loosing internet access on the 9th July. McAfee has some theory behind this wild prediction though and it has got us a little worried. Basically hackers have been running an online scamContinue Reading “A word of warning from McAfee”


If You Like Instragram, You Can Insta-Cover Your Twitter and Facebook

They say the world is prettier with rose-colored glasses. Instagram delivers a world prettier through its’ many filters. Pick a filter any filter and the photo you just took transforms into a work of art, a film bite and even a trip back into time. Following Instragram’s mega successful acquisition by Facebook, thousands of new andContinue Reading “If You Like Instragram, You Can Insta-Cover Your Twitter and Facebook”

Apps Tech

Call Me Maybe, Better Still…Leave a Video Message!

Love it when I get an app to check out by friends and family. It’s always interesting and fascinating to discover what makes other people’s lives better and/or easier. I think the person who I adore most when introducing me to any new tech discovery is my mother. Hands down. She’s not only an incredibleContinue Reading “Call Me Maybe, Better Still…Leave a Video Message!”


Sony MDR ZX600 – Quality headphones with Style!

Headphones for the fashion concious music fan at a great price! If you’re looking for a set of headphones that are portable and produce decent sound at a reasonable price, check out Sony’s MDR ZX600. They come in black, white, red and blue trimmings in typical minimalistic Sony style. The sound quality, as you would expectContinue Reading “Sony MDR ZX600 – Quality headphones with Style!”


The Lady Geek TV Security Show: Stop Cyber-Bullying

What do I do if my child is being cyber-bullied? The Lady Geek TV Security Show series tackles important and topical issues such as cyber-bullying, inappropriate content and how to protect yourself from malware. The fifth episode raises awareness on the increasingly relevant issue of cyber-bullying. We show how one can help curtail the impactContinue Reading “The Lady Geek TV Security Show: Stop Cyber-Bullying”