Sophistication and Luxury for your much loved gadgets

Looking for something luxurious for your gadgets this Christmas? Well… Look no further! Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, we have two fantastic luxurious brands for you. Women are embracing technology more and more in recent years and with the gadgets comes the chance to accessorise. Obviously, we like to look sophisticated and chic sometimesContinue Reading “Sophistication and Luxury for your much loved gadgets”


Lady Geek TV: The Social Network Parody

  How do I use social networking responsibly? The Lady Geek TV Security Show series tackles important and topical issues such as cyber-bullying, inappropriate content and how to protect yourself from malware. The fourth episode gives the viewer advice on how to reduce the security threats posed by social networking. We show how Kaspersky’s PUREContinue Reading “Lady Geek TV: The Social Network Parody”

Apps Tech

Flowd – the social network for your music

I have recently been playing a round with a free app Flowd (available on iPhone, Android and Nokia devices) on my iPhone and I have to say it is pretty cool. If you are a music lover or someone that likes to share your interests/likes/dislikes with friends, then this is definitely an app that youContinue Reading “Flowd – the social network for your music”

Mobile Tech

PowerMat – bringing us wireless charging

Towards the latter end of last year I had the pleasure,  and I don’t use that term lightly, of using a PowerMat for my iPhone 4. PowerMat is a wireless charging tool that connects to your iPhone via a made-to-fit case that snuggles around it and connects in a simple “drop and charge” motion. SomeContinue Reading “PowerMat – bringing us wireless charging”