Power to the Ethernet.
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Power to the Ethernet.

One of my pet hates is not having internet in all the rooms in my house. It drives me mad, especially when you pay good money for a fast internet service. I seem to always live in places where I get no internet in my bedroom, but there is an easy, and actually quite awesome,  answer – PE Sockets from Power Ethernet.

PE Socket – £83.09 from Amazon.co.uk

PE Sockets replace your old two plug socket and add 1 plug plus 4 ethernet sockets, allowing fast speed in other rooms in your house – in my case, my bedroom. Your Modem plugs into one of the sockets and the device uses the existing socket cabling to create connectivity between ports.

Asthetically pleasing and easy for any handy DIYer to fit. If you’re not so handy, an electrician will need to fit this and you will need a minimum of 2 sockets to get up and running. A great answer to those frustrating connection problems, whether you’re in a new build or victorian conversion, there is no limit.

PE Sockets are available from Amazon for £83.09 and you will need 2 to get started.


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