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A word of warning from McAfee

Warriors of the internet McAfee has come over all Nostradamus on us and predicted that nearly 20,000 computers in the UK  will be loosing internet access on the 9th July. McAfee has some theory behind this wild prediction though and it has got us a little worried. Basically hackers have been running an online scamContinue Reading “A word of warning from McAfee”


Three makes holiday roaming a little sweeter

We all love using our phones while we are on holiday, even if we are supposed to be enjoying the holiday in hand … many of us can’t resist emails, uploading photos, tweeting and updating our Facebook with all the lovely things we are doing. As much as we love this bit, the slightly yuckyContinue Reading “Three makes holiday roaming a little sweeter”


Competition: Find the force with xbox’s new Kinect Star Wars app and win!

Okay kids, its competition time and we have got some great prizes to give away from the techtastic folks over at xbox. In perfectly geeky way to celebrate the Jubilee and the launch of xbox’s Kinect Star Wars iPhone app, we’ve got a bevvy of goodies to give away to you our loyal readers. TheContinue Reading “Competition: Find the force with xbox’s new Kinect Star Wars app and win!”

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Kodak releases printable Jubilee goodies with new app

Are you looking into how you can celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee this weekend? Thinking about maybe some bunting and lots of Union Jacks? Well Kodak has come to your rescue with its Big App and printable templates. The templates are easily downloaded, meaning your Jubilee party will be looking beautifully British and Royal before youContinue Reading “Kodak releases printable Jubilee goodies with new app”

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Flowd – the social network for your music

I have recently been playing a round with a free app Flowd (available on iPhone, Android and Nokia devices) on my iPhone and I have to say it is pretty cool. If you are a music lover or someone that likes to share your interests/likes/dislikes with friends, then this is definitely an app that youContinue Reading “Flowd – the social network for your music”

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PowerMat – bringing us wireless charging

Towards the latter end of last year I had the pleasure,  and I don’t use that term lightly, of using a PowerMat for my iPhone 4. PowerMat is a wireless charging tool that connects to your iPhone via a made-to-fit case that snuggles around it and connects in a simple “drop and charge” motion. SomeContinue Reading “PowerMat – bringing us wireless charging”