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Kodak releases printable Jubilee goodies with new app

Are you looking into how you can celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee this weekend? Thinking about maybe some bunting and lots of Union Jacks? Well Kodak has come to your rescue with its Big App and printable templates. The templates are easily downloaded, meaning your Jubilee party will be looking beautifully British and Royal before you know it.

The online template pack contains a veritable array of printable delights, including Union Jack Bunting, a Jubilee flag, a crown and for the celebration party hats and name tags – perhaps a special seat for the Queen. You can download the printable party packs from iChild, an online resource for parents, children and childminders –

Kodak’s Big App allows you to personalise your decorations using your own special artistic flare and personal images. The app breaks up images you upload into sections that can be printed into multiple pages – this means you can make any image huge! In celebration of the Jubilee, there are six special themed images in the Big App gallery. You could even turn the lawn into a giant Union Jack Flag! Check out more here

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