A word of warning from McAfee
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A word of warning from McAfee

Warriors of the internet McAfee has come over all Nostradamus on us and predicted that nearly 20,000 computers in the UK  will be loosing internet access on the 9th July.

McAfee has some theory behind this wild prediction though and it has got us a little worried. Basically hackers have been running an online scam and plan to take control of the computers they have hacked around the world, redirecting them to other sites to make profit from them.

So why the mas shut-down, well the FBI has caught wind of this and will shut down internet servers affected by the hack – meaning no more internet for thousands. McAfee has a set of recommendations for us, which I have listed below, be safe ladies:

What consumers should be aware of:

·  Before 9th July, it is recommended that all consumer Internet users check their computers for the Trojan and update their Internet settings.

·  If the computer has the Trojan or does not have the correct Internet settings then they will not have access to the Internet beginning 9th July.

·   To do quick check on a computer, McAfee has just introduced a free tool that helps users easily identify whether they have been affected by the Trojan and offers a free solution if they have been infected.

Here are the recommended actions that consumers should take before 9th July:

Consumers can follow these steps to find out if their computer is infected with the DNSChanger Trojan and if their Internet settings need to be updated.

1. Go to: www.mcafee.com/dnscheck

2. Click the “Check Now” button to see if the computer has been infected.

3.  If the computer is infected, the website take the consumer through a process that will offer a free solution to get rid of the Trojan and update the Internet settings.

4.  If it is not infected, you will receive a “Congratulations, you are OK” screen and no further actions are needed. The computer’s Internet settings are up to date.

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