HTC HD7 – An introduction

One thing that I have been wanting to try out for a while now is a Windows Phone 7 device, of the ones on the market at the moment I have to say that the HTC versions have been the most enticing. So you can imagine my excitement when we were offered a chance to have a play with the HTC HD7 – a very sexy device indeed. As an iPhone user, I have been looking for a viable alternative to come to market and consider this device to be a reasonable contender.

One of the things that excites me most about Windows Phone 7 is that fact that it is completely different to anything else on the market – when you look at the interface and use the various widgets you instantly see how different it is. Most notably, not trying to be an iPhone copy. The app store isn’t half bad either and I love the Xbox game integration and that I can use my Xbox Gamer Tag and avatar on my mobile.

I am a Mac user and so do worry that I am probably not enjoying the full experience (being made by Microsoft un-all), but via the Mac Windows Phone 7 Connector app I get a very good feel for it. After downloading the app and connecting up my device, I quickly sync all the bits and bobs from my laptop to the phone. Due to the on-device Microsoft Office Software, I can also store Word, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint documents on it and edit while on the move…in addition to access to SharePoint Workspace – a very sweet feature.

Another nice touch is the integration of Microsoft’s self-made entertainment and media player Zune – you can transfer all your music from iTunes onto your Zune account, including all the playlists you have painstakingly created with ease. I have heard good things about Zune and so have enjoyed getting to know it.

To help me get to know it that little bit better – we have been tasked at Girls n Gadgets to create a banging Zune playlist for the Royal Wedding…I’m talking everything from Dancing Queen to King of the swingers from Jungle Book – we’re going to make this a gooden. So please look out for my next post – this will contain our playlist and then we will need your help loyal readers. We will need you to please vote for our playlist as we will be competing against other bloggers and their wedding playlists – we must WIN! ;o) Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “HTC HD7 – An introduction”

  1. Like you I am a hard core Mac user – so to see you reporting some sensible Mac friendly functionality in the Zune product range is extremely welcome.

    I would love to see at first hand how the ZuneMac stuff works out!


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