Three makes holiday roaming a little sweeter

We all love using our phones while we are on holiday, even if we are supposed to be enjoying the holiday in hand … many of us can’t resist emails, uploading photos, tweeting and updating our Facebook with all the lovely things we are doing.

As much as we love this bit, the slightly yucky aftertaste takes the form of our bills when we get back. The lovely folks over at Three have made a special offer available to its customers while they are roaming in the EU. For £5 per day, you can get all-you-can-eat data while roaming. Now that is a lot of photos and updates to keep you happy while sunning yourself on the beach, plus you can check out the local restaurant reviews and find them with your phones maps app.

Three’s service is called the Euro Internet Pass and you can add it to your bill before you leave for your holiday. You can also purchase the bundle upon arrival at your destination, via a text link sent direct to your mobile upon arrival.

Within the last month, and in the lead up to the summer holiday season no less, Three has not been the only one to try wooing us with its special roaming offer. Vodafone also announced that it has also released a EuroTraveller deal for its customers, allowing users to use their standard UK tarriff allowance for an additional £3 a day – nice! Customers can opt-in by calling 5555 or texting ADD to 40506.

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