Transformers Universe Trailer

The developers of the ever popular MMORPG; Runescape, Jagex Game Studios are now back and this time they have announced their trailer for their new game, “Transformers Universe.”  We can expect the game to launch sometime this year and we can expect lots of action from this highly anticipated MOTA game (A Massively Online TacticalContinue Reading “Transformers Universe Trailer”


New Velocity 2X Gameplay Video

It’s that time! FuturLab have finally released the anticipated “Velocity 2X” Gameplay! As we discussed last week in my last article which you can read HERE, “Velocity 2X” confirmed its release for PS4 and PS Vita to many fans’ excitement. “Velocity 2X” for PS4 and Vita is now at Alpha stage, and FuturLab have justContinue Reading “New Velocity 2X Gameplay Video”


Velocity 2X Confirmed Release for PS4 and PS Vita

Back in 2013, “Velocity Ultra” was a well known title to many Playstation fans. FuturLab went above and beyond when they released, “Velocity Ultra” winning a variety of awards for their shoot ‘em-up platform game, which introduced teleportation that vastly set them apart from other shoot ’em up game developers. The anticipated sequel, “Velocity 2X” hasContinue Reading “Velocity 2X Confirmed Release for PS4 and PS Vita”

Tech offers hope to My Opera Community

When I started blogging back in 2003, I used a site called My Opera. It was an app on my Nokia phone and at the time, I didn’t even know they were a browser. My blog became quite popular and I started to get more involved in the My Opera community and also the browserContinue Reading “ offers hope to My Opera Community”

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Microsoft launch Education Apps for Kids

At the end of last year I was invited to a delightful event at London Zoo, run by Microsoft. It was a family event where they were showcasing some new educational apps for children. They had a number of tablets including a giant Lenovo Horizon, which my son absolutely loved! It’s amazing to see howContinue Reading “Microsoft launch Education Apps for Kids”

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New Year, New GnG!

Girls n Gadgets has been going since 2009 and has pretty much been solely run by me, Leila Gregory. The time has come to step things up and I am pleased to announce, not only a team of wonderful bloggers in various areas, but also some wonderful partnerships with various brands. Currently we are workingContinue Reading “New Year, New GnG!”


Someone Special at Christmas

This Christmas, I was given the opportunity to take part in the Halifax’s ‘Giving Extra to someone special’ campaign. I was provided with a £50 Amazon voucher and my task was to find someone deserving and get them a present. This wasn’t at all hard for me. I’ve been quite unwell for the past fewContinue Reading “Someone Special at Christmas”