Gtech – The must have vacuum brand for everyone!
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Gtech – The must have vacuum brand for everyone!

It’s rare a product comes up that get’s me so excited, and even rarer that it’s a household product. As a wife and Mum to a 2 year old, household products are just a must have and not considered ‘sexy’ in any way. Okay, so you’re probably all laughing at me now. ‘A ‘sexy’ household product?’ I hear you ask… Well yes actually, and it comes in the form of a vacuum cleaner. Two vacuum cleaners in fact The Gtech Air Ram and the Gtech Multi Handheld Vacuum.


Before you all think I’m a little bit nuts, I wasn’t ‘excited’ when I received the email to review the product. I’ve never been a big fan of cleaning and tidying, it’s just something I have to do as a wife and parent. The only time I started to get excited was when I unboxed the Gtech Multi Handheld Cleaner. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be and it was light and really nice to hold. I popped it on charge and waited. It didn’t take long to charge, a couple of hours, if that for a full charge, although, it was already half charged out of the box. Gtech advise on their website it takes four hours for a full charge from a flat battery.

It was finally time to use it! Hoorah! I was really surprised by how powerful such a little, cordless vacuum like the Multi could be. You can vacuum almost anything with it, curtains, walls, furniture etc., not just floors. I tested it on my car. A few days previous to receiving the Gtech Multi, we went up north and so the car was full, and I mean¬†full, of crumbs and flakes from pastries and everything else. It was disgusting. I didn’t think for a second that something so small would clean that horrific mess up. It was the perfect test. Not only did it clean everything really well, it took no time at all! With most handhelds, you’re lucky to get 10 minutes of continuous cleaning power. However, the Multi has an outstanding 30 minutes of cleaning power, giving you more than enough time to do the job properly.

The Gtech Multi is a beautiful design and you can really tell the designer, Nick Grey, has done his research into what people want from a vacuum cleaner. It even has a hidden nozzle in the handle for cleaning skirting boards properly. I find it so hard to fault the Gtech Multi. The only thing I can think of is the barrel did come off a couple of times when it was knocked, but that wasn’t a huge issue. Due to the design, it didn’t empty anywhere and it only happened when cleaning the car, never when vacuuming at home. It’s also super easy to empty and to clean, which is a huge plus, especially if vacuuming somewhere that has moisture as that can create a horrible mess inside the barrel if not attended to.

Overall, this is an almost faultless handheld vacuum. By far the best I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried quite a few in my time. It’s not big or bulky and suction stays constant throughout, even when the barrel is almost full. With it’s impressive 30 minutes of continuous cleaning, it really is one of the best.

I’ve always been a Dyson fan, however, Gtech has made me change my mind! Without a doubt, this vacuum gets full marks. It really is a sexy piece of household tech and it’s certainly changed my view on vacuuming. I don’t even care if my two year old drops crumbs on the floor anymore, I’m almost glad in fact! The Gtech Multi is priced at ¬£149 and is available directly from the Gtech online store.

We were also sent the Air Ram to try out. Review coming soon.

Product provided by PR to review on behalf of Gtech. All views are honest and my own.

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  1. My grandma swears by her handheld vacuum thing because it means she can do bits and pieces around the house even though she can no longer lift the normal vacuum. I don’t like cleaning but there is something quite satisfying about vaccuuming our cream carpet and seeing where you’ve been lol.

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