Twitch and Girls ‘n Gadgets in 2022
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Twitch and Girls ‘n Gadgets in 2022

Where have I been?

It’s been a while since updating here! In short, life happened… As a mum to 2 boys, both with special needs, I needed to take some time out to deal with their schooling and my new career as a Software Tester. With one son going through GCSE’s and the other starting a new school, it has been crazy!

Then, of course, we had the dreaded Covid in 2020! Which you would think would be the perfect time to start up again, however, after being made redundant, I was lucky to secure a new job 3 months later, and so I was then busy taking in the world of medical tech! In early 2021, my mother contracted Covid, as did I, and it was very touch and go for her. She survived, but unfortunately experienced other issues as a result. I’m pleased to say that despite all her issues in 2021. she has started 2022 positively and we hope for this to continue.

So, why now?

I’m finally in a place where I can focus on my projects such as Girls n Gadgets. My boys are older, work is steady and so this allows me more freedom to pursue my personal goals, of which I have a few for this year! I have never stopped wanting to grow GnG and I’m delighted to be back in a place where I can get back into the swing of things here!

What’s new? Will anything change?

Yes! I have decided to take a new direction with the site. It will remain a tech focused, review website, however I will be more selective on the stories/ reviews I take on. I will be focusing more on gaming, including hardware and audio related to gaming. GnG started as a more mobile focused site and this will remain in the new setup. Therefore, we will be mainly focusing on Gaming, Mobile and accessories related to these areas!

Why the change in direction?

In 2021, I chose a new direction with regards to my content creation. I am now an affiliated Twitch streamer! I began my Twitch journey back in August, where I started streaming with my son, for fun. In that time we have grown to more than 1.1k followers and we are now starting to take this journey more seriously, with the long term goal being Twitch Partner. We are part of some amazing stream teams and we are looking to grow and support others in their quest to grow!

At weekends, I stream Apex Legends with my son and in the week I tend to play more story based games and horror games. Dead by Daylight has become a staple in my schedule. I stream at 8.30pm UK time on Tuesday and Thursdays (on my own) and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday (with my son).

We are now actively looking for sponsorships and partnerships, so if you are a brand looking for some exposure, please drop me an email on – We will consider all requests, but as a rule, we will only promote companies we feel passionate about.

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