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Fitness with MyZone – Making you work harder!

With so many fitness gadgets on the market, it’s a nightmare to know which ones to buy.  I recently came across a very interesting concept and my husband and I have been testing it out for a little while now. It’s called MyZone and is a heart rate tracker with a twist! As with most fitness/Continue Reading “Fitness with MyZone – Making you work harder!”

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Get up and… GO!

Having suffered from a kidney problem for the past few years, I can certainly relate to those people that just don’t have the motivation to exercise. When you’re poorly or suffering from Chronic Pain, it’s difficult to find that get up and go! It doesn’t just affect you physically, but it gets you mentally too! AnyoneContinue Reading “Get up and… GO!”

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15 innovative apps that will change your life

We’re all busy people, right? This means that we need our gadgets and devices to provide us with tools to make tasks easier and save us money, time or stress. So whether it’s to organise your schedule, give you a helping hand or just make you smile – these apps need to be in yourContinue Reading “15 innovative apps that will change your life”

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Cardagram – Send cards free till Sunday! Try it now

If you’re looking to share your Olympic snaps with friends everywhere now is your chance – and it is free. France based digital postcards company, aptly named Cardagram, has made its service free until 5th August to celebrate the launch of its service. Download now from iTunes (coming soon to Google Play) and try itContinue Reading “Cardagram – Send cards free till Sunday! Try it now”

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Tap Resort: Owning your own island has never been cuter

When I first downloaded Tap Resort, I honestly didn’t expect much from this CMS game. After all, I’ve learned to have low (or no) expectations when it comes to free iPhone apps. Not to say there aren’t great ones out there, but they’re a bit like unicorns really. Too Long; Didn’t Read answer: I wasContinue Reading “Tap Resort: Owning your own island has never been cuter”