Multiplayer and Party Updates for Xbox One Coming in March

Multiplayer and Party Updates for Xbox One Coming in March

Xbox One

Microsoft have finally announced they will be adding multiplayer and party chat updates for the Xbox One in March.

One of the updates will include improvements to the Kinect voice commands. *Phew* The endless ranting at your Xbox One because it refuses to do what you say will (hopefully) be no longer.

Xbox One Problems

Another major issue I found when using the Xbox One was the amount of time it takes to navigate to different sections of the interface. For most apps this doesn’t cause too much of an issue but for things like accessing your friends list and messages can take way too long for my liking. Microsoft have listened to these complaints and as a result, have promised to enable us to get to your friends list faster by making it the front and center on the homepage of the friends app.

Another annoying feature was found when I invited a friend to chat and we couldn’t hear each other. Turns out you actually have to turn on the party chat even when you’re already in the chat! Ridiculous! Microsoft have also promise to fix this so it’s automatically on when you join the party chat. As it should be.

They have also announced that in the new update you will be finally allowed to chat with friends playing different games.

In addition to the above they are also adding handy little features such as:

  • “Invite friends to game” option to multiplayer titles.
  • The “Recent Players” list is also making a return.

The Xbox One system update is set to roll out to all Xbox users in early March just in time for the most anticipated game of the year, “Titanfall.”

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