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Firstly,  Girls ‘n’ Gadgets wouldn’t be here without the help of a couple of people:- Many thanks to Jon Butterfield @ W23 Productions who put this site together and another big thank you to Edward Sanchez @ Kohive for the GnG logo

Here at Girls ‘n’ Gadgets we come across a lot of great sites. He are just a few of our faves:-

Girly Geekdom – Founded by the awesome Sarah Blow who also founded Girl Geek Dinners!

Girl Geek Chic – Another awesome gadget blog for you girls!

Techfluff – The hottest entrepreneurs, start-ups, events and news straight from the European scene!

BitchBuzz – Love this site – One for all the ladies bookmarks

Gadgets and Gizmo’s – A great Gadget Blog for Boys and Girls!

And some of our bloggers personal blogs:-


Jenn Cutter’s awesome Open Alpha TV

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