Girl Geek Dinners turns 5 (Guest post by Judith Lewis)

Have you ever heard of London Girl Geek Dinners?  What started as an organisation of a few passionate women has blossomed into a worldwide network of “dinners” from New Zealand through to Toronto and now the home of that movement is turning 5 years old! London Girl Geek Dinners really does hope to change theContinue Reading “Girl Geek Dinners turns 5 (Guest post by Judith Lewis)”


Geek Girl Dinners go down a storm

Last night I was invited to the fourth anniversary event for London’s Girl Geek Dinners and it was the first one I had ever been to. The event, which takes place every few months, looks at and debates how girls and tech can be moved more into the mainstream arena and get advertisers to takeContinue Reading “Geek Girl Dinners go down a storm”


G ‘n’ G Women in Tech Week – Diane Perlman, Branding Matters

Closet geek and entrepreneur, Diane Perlman has spent time learning and practicing nearly every marketing discipline over her career, both agency and client-side, and the last 12 years focusing mostly on digital and working with tech and telecoms clients.  Diane, now director of ‘virtual agency’ Branding Matters for the past 4 years, provides strategic consultingContinue Reading “G ‘n’ G Women in Tech Week – Diane Perlman, Branding Matters”


Welcome to Girls ‘n’ Gadgets…

We girls love gadgets. Web and technology is an amazing world, filling our lives full of fun, fanaticism and functionality. Where would we be today without our laptops, mobile phones and of course the Internet? Lost most would say! These days, it’s hard to imagine not tweeting, tumbling, DMing or IMing your way through life.Continue Reading “Welcome to Girls ‘n’ Gadgets…”