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Wireless Headphones: M4U 8

PSB M4U 8 The catchily named M4U 8’s are the newest noise-cancelling headphones from Canadian manufacturer PSB and follow the well-received M4U 1 and M4U 2 models. Unlike previous iterations, these are wireless, connecting to devices over standard Bluetooth or the new fangled aptX. The M4Us aren’t going win awards for visual appeal, but theyContinue Reading “Wireless Headphones: M4U 8”

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Listen in Fashion!

Summer is almost here and so it’s time to get out the outfits and accessories to go with it. Why not do the same for your mobile tech too! Don’t settle for plain and boring accessories for your mobile devices, get yourself some ChicBuds and look great on the go! ChicBuds was launched in 2005Continue Reading “Listen in Fashion!”


Atomic Floyd Mini-Darts with microphone

These compact earphones have been engineered to provide superb sound quality with noise reduction. They are stylishly packed and just as impressive out of the box. The sound quality is of a high level and they deliver great clarity and rich bass, making them ideal for any savvy music lover. Design wise you can seeContinue Reading “Atomic Floyd Mini-Darts with microphone”


AKG K480NC noise cancelling, folding headphones

I have to admit, I’ve never really understood why people spend so much money on headphones…. I have always limited my spend to about approx. £25, give or take a tenner. However on being sent these AKG headphones to review, I have certainly changed my mind on the matter. They came in their folded formContinue Reading “AKG K480NC noise cancelling, folding headphones”