Send some USB Love this Valentines Day…

This Valentines day, we know what you’re thinking. What do you get the portable storage enthusiast that has everything? Well, this novelty USB stick might be the answer. If the relationship isn’t that serious, that is.

Let’s take the idea that a novelty Flash drive might not go down too well on Feb 14th, package it up in a neat little heart-shaped gift box, add a pink bow and put it aside for the time being. Now, let’s have a look at the device. The exterior casing might look a bit silly but at 4gb, this is actually one big heart – perhaps it does make a good Valentine’s gift after all. Measuring roughly 4cmx4cm (as much as you can measure a heart shape), it’s also easy to carry round, for a novelty drive.

But should you give this to your Valentine? We’re not sure how romantic of a present a Flash drive can be, but this is definitely a cute gift nonetheless. It’s also got loads of storage space. But maybe give a box of chocolates to your other half, too.

Priced at £17.25 and available from

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