DubleUp to rescue your phone battery!
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DubleUp to rescue your phone battery!

Girls, how many times have we been caught out by low batteries on our mobiles on a night out? Or when you’ve been at work all day and have been too busy to notice your phone battery is on it’s last legs? I’ve been caught out so many times and it’s so annoying!

I’m the kind of person who likes to take lots of pics and videos on a night out and that almost always results in my having to put my phone into ultra save or it just dying altogether! Nightmare! I’m also that person who will sit on their phone on a train journey and drain the battery without realising! Phones are hand held computers these days and so it can be catastrophic if the unexpectedly die in the middle of that important email!

Obviously, the answer would be to carry a battery pack on a night out, right? But almost everything on the market is too big for that cute little clutch you’ve got. Sometimes you stay out longer than expected and run out of power. Pop a DubleUp in your wallet and you’re saved!

DubleUp is a neat little credit card sized power bank that will keep you going until you get home. It comes in a stylish gold, black and silver and is available for Apple and Android phones. It’ll fit almost anywhere and will save you in that low battery moment when you need your phone the most. It won’t recharge your phone fully, but it will give you that emergency charge you need.


You can get your own on their Kickstarter page for $60AUS, which is about £35 and there’s just under 3 days left! A nice little addition if you are someone on the go who just needs that little bit extra.

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