Jabra Sport Wireless + Review
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Jabra Sport Wireless + Review


I was sceptical when I was sent these for a few reasons, one being that I had never tried wireless earphones before and another that I had never got on well with plug ins so I was expecting to try and instantly think they were awful.

How very very wrong I was though I was massively surprised by just how good these earphones were. They do have there negatives about them but in general I was impressed and will continue to use them especially when exercising in the gym.


  • Wireless bluetooth control

  • Change volume, skip/pause tracks through the earphones

  • FM radio

  • Answer calls through earphone controls

  • Choice of seven eargels to fit your ear

  • Arm strap for use while running

As stated above I have never used plug in earphones before so wasn’t sure what to make of it. With a bit of practice fitting them and spending time trying out the seven eargels I found the ones that suited me and they locked in incredibly well. I am a personal trainer so active most of the day and can say the only reason they ever fell out was because of the small cable attaching the two earphones. This was one small negative however that if you sweat a lot on the back of your neck the small cable can sometimes stick causing the earphones to pull out. This wasn’t a big issue though so never bothered me when exercising.

My favourite thing about these earphones are the controls they come with. One thing I hate the most with earphones or headphones is any time you want to change track I need to take out my ipod to do it, however with these they have controls on the right earphone so with a simple press you can skip track so it doesn’t interfere with your workout. At the same time you can change the volume and even pause what you are listening to and also answer a call if it starts to ring so you can continue to chat whilst exercising. The FM radio is a handy feature and works relatively well although I found sometimes it could never pick up a station but when it did it worked perfectly.

How does it sound?

Well As they are wireless and earphones I wasn’t expecting the best of quality and actually I think they don’t do a bad job. There isn’t much bass and can sound a bit tinny on some tracks but I thought all in all the quality was good and could be turned up loud so you could drown out external noise. Also found the music only distorted from my iPod if I knelt down at any point but not while running or exercising in the gym.



You also get a free 3 month membership to Endomondo when you buy these. For anyone who doesn’t know what Endomondo is it’s a community based sports tracker so you can measure your distance, times, speed etc. and do challenges with other members and it is a great way for you to track your fitness. This I think is a very cool added feature to the Jabra earphones.


Way better than I expected and think they look and feel great. Sound quality was good not excellent but for what you need them for they do a fantastic job. I personally would like an improvement to the way they have the cable attaching the two earphones, maybe an adjustable strap instead of the little yellow stopper to tighten it and to make it a little longer so it doesn’t stick to the skin. But I would say they are worth the buy so you won’t be disappointed if you do.

Overall score – 8/10

Anthony Mayatt

Lifestyle Coach – Breathe Fitness

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Anthony has been a personal trainer for 10 years, during which he has worked with a varied clientele from students to celebrities! He is based in London travelling around the capital training clients in private gyms, their homes, local parks and work locations. Anthony founded Breathe Fitness in 2006 and is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers.

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