Notting Hill Carnival
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Notting Hill Carnival

I’m very excited as I will be going to my very first Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. I’m taking
my little boy too, so it will also be his first time. So, I thought I’d put together a little post to share what tech I’m taking with me to make the most of the day.

Recently I was sent a bracelet to review. It isn’t just a normal fashion bracelet, it’s a bracelet with brains! The June bracelet from Netatmo  is an intelligent bracelet that measures your exposure to UV rays and advises you via an iPhone app to apply sunscreen or to wear a hat. It takes into consideration your skin tone and will advise you on what factor you should be wearing. There is a sun dose check on there which will inform you how long you’ve been out in harmful rays, so a great tool if you’re a bit of a sun worshiper. It also comes in three attractive metallic colours.


Now, when I first heard about the June Bracelet, I didn’t think it would be very stylish or practical, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Since receiving the bracelet, I have not taken it off. Not only can it be worn casually, it also goes really nicely with smart going out attire too. On the practical side, I thought I would have to be charging it everyday, however, on a full charge, it has a battery life of one month, which is great! The iPhone app will also warn you when the battery is getting low.


Overall, I did this this was going to be a total gimmick, but I did find it very useful in the current hot weather we’ve had. Carnival Family Day  is supposed to be a warm this weekend, so with this, I can enjoy the sun safely and have fun!

With all the vibrant colours and personalities at Carnival, you’re going to want to have a decent battery life in your phone or camera to capture the fun. But don’t fret! If your phone or camera runs out of battery, make sure you pack the Tizi Flachmann!


The Tizi Flachmann is a slim portable battery that will fit in most trouser and shirt pockets. So, bag wise for the ladies, it’s a winner! I am able to get two full charges out of this little gadget. My LG G3 will certainly get all of the Carnival action. Look out next week for how it performed under pressure!

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