Ko:Kou will blow you away!
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Ko:Kou will blow you away!

Like most girls, I do like looking after my appearance and especially my hair. So, when I was asked by Ko:Kou if I’d like to review one of their products, I jumped at the chance.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll see I absolutely love changing my hair colour and hair style on a regular basis. In the past year, I have been neon pink, purple, red, blue and I’m finally back to my almost natural chocolate brown.


So, back to Ko:Kou… I reviewed the Ionic Turbo hair dryer, priced at £44.99 on their website. Firstly, I have to say, the items are packaged beautifully in a lovely floral box. The hair dryer comes with a straight and comb nozzle. It’s got a lovely smooth rubber finish and comes with three heat settings, two speed settings and a cool blast button.

So, how did it shape up? Was it worth the money? In one word… Yes! This dryer is everything you want from a hair dryer. It feels like a professional hairdressers hair dryer. It’s powerful, quick drying and leaves your hair feeling lovely and soft where as some dryers can leave your hair feeling frizzy and dry. The three heat settings make it so much easier to dry and style your hair frizz free.


The dryer itself is solid. I can see this lasting for many years. Due to how feature full it is, you genuinely won’t need to upgrade for many years to come. This has become my favourite hair accessory… OK, maybe equal to my ghd’s, but still, that’s saying something!

If this hair dryer is out of your budget, they offer two cheaper models, the Turbo Pik which is £39.99 and the Pro Pik that’s £36.99.

Ko:Kou are a really well designed and high quality brand. Certainly one to keep an eye on. I would certainly like to expand my collection!

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