Flappy Bird near-global domination
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Flappy Bird near-global domination


If you’ve been hiding under a rock, recently come out of hibernation or just not got out much, the name Flappy Bird may not have passed your ears. It’s a simple retro arcade style game that has taken fingers by storm, seeing many of us glued to their phones guiding a pixelated bird through a course of tubes by tapping their screens.

It has been widely commented upon that this game can see irritation towards others in your immediate vicinity rise to considerable levels. An actual sentence that came out of my mouth just last Saturday night to my dear other half was; “every time you breath or speak I die!”.

The developer behind the game, Dong Nguyen, known also as Gears, has been very much in the limelight this week. It all started when this Saturday he tweeted saying he was going to pull the game from the App Store. Citing all the attention and limelight from the game as the reason for its demise.

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Gears, who was reported to be making quite a lot in ad revenue [some report as much as $50k per day], stuck to his guns and took the app down. Of course if you were one of the many that has the app on your phone, fear not as he can’t remove that. If you were too late to download the game, there are multiple copies available.Don’t please buy one of the many “iPhone with RARE Flappy Bird game installed” phones on eBay though!
Oh and see if you can beat my score of 23 – probs not that hard 😉

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