LetsLunch and build your network

LetsLunch and build your network

LetsLunch is a business networking site founded by Syed Shuttari across the pond in Silicon Valley in 2010. Yesterday, they launched the latest, revamped version of the software in the UK. LetsLunch matches professionals up by using their ‘unique algorithm’ – Once matched, the professionals meet for lunch and extend their business network.

Lunch, certainly for me, is about the only time of my day I have free. Admittedly, you might say that having lunch is the only time you get to yourself in a day, but if you can make your lunch boost your business opportunities and possibilities – then why not?

You can sign up to LetsLunch by visiting their website www.letslunch.com. The signup is very straight forward and allows you to choose your preferred areas of interest. You connect to your various social streams and fill out your profile. You specify when you’re available for lunch and either wait for requests and/or invite others. Your profile area will show you people that may be of interest.

I think this is a great idea, especially for someone like me who doesn’t get the time to go to evening networking events. Until now, I’ve felt that I have missed out a lot on what’s new and upcoming. With LetsLunch, I can get introductions that I may not have even had by going to the events. It really does simplify business networking resulting in better, more useful connections.

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