littleBits – A littleBit of Geeky Fun!
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littleBits – A littleBit of Geeky Fun!

Help your kids imagine their future..

I now have three young nephews so I’ve been keeping an eye on littleBits for a while now. I first spotted the kits on gift site Wicked Uncle  in January – an excellent go-to site if you’re ever stuck for birthday presents.

littleBits are aimed at children from as young as eight years old. They are tiny electronic components, each with their own unique function, (light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse, motors, etc.), which, when stuck together using the built-in colour coded magnets, can create any number of interactive electronic circuits. For example, the starter kit comes with 10 ‘littleBits’ including a battery, dimmer and LED light. Snap these together and you have a real working dimmer switch. Really simple, but really rewarding, for everyone.

littleBits Dimmer Circuit

littleBits is an open source project in it’s infancy, they are adding new ‘Bits’ to the line-up all the time. As well as the starter kit, and the option to buy new modules one at a time, the company have just released an extended littleBits kit, a double decker box of 14 parts, that includes a quick start guide and project suggestions, to help inspire little creative minds.

Build your own miniature working world around littleBits

littleBits Creation

Demand is high for littleBits and they are tough to find in the UK. They are available from Amazon here but we’ll keep you updated when we find another source. Let us know, are you a fan of littleBits?

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