Remarkable Women, by Nokia
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Remarkable Women, by Nokia

Kanya King MBE – Founder of the MOBO’s

On Thursday evening, Nokia, in partnership with Lady Geek, launched their ‘Remarkable Women‘ community. A celebration of 50 women, ‘challenging normal conventions, bravely being different and inspiring others’. I was one of the 50 women chosen and I was honoured to be amongst such an amazing bunch. There were women from a whole range of different industries and included the inspirational and gorgeous Kanya King, founder of the MOBO’s.

We all received a wonderful goodie bag which included the incredibly sexy Nokia Lumia 800, a Remarkable Women cupcake, Ladygeek notepad and some beautiful flowers. I left feeling very spoilt and couldn’t put my new, white Lumia 800 down on the trip home.

Me on the far right having a good old laugh at @Austentatious

The event, held at the Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch, gave the chosen women a chance to meet, network and share their inspirational experiences. There was entertainment by Austentatious who were brilliant – see my reaction on the left. I met some wonderful women, all of which I will certainly be keeping in contact with and it’s really spurred me on to get more involved in events like this. Although we were all from different industries, I was surprised at how much we could help each other out on our various projects. Sometimes it’s not just the hands on help you can offer, but offering to support and raise awareness of such great projects that’s needed to push them forward.

The ‘Remarkable Women’ project in itself is a great one and in my opinion, Belinda Parmar from Lady Geek is certainly a woman I find remarkable for all she does in this area. It would be great to hear who you consider a ‘Remarkable Woman’, famous or not and why you think they are so remarkable. Lets spread the word and if  you’re tweeting, don’t forget to use the hashtag #RWbyNokia

Congratulations Nokia and Lady Geek on a truly worthwhile venture. I hope this continues to grow and develop over time!


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