Be Bamboo Competition: The first entrants’ handwriting analysed

We’ve received our first entries for the Be Bamboo handwriting competition, including one from Girls n Gadgets very own Leila Gregory. Handwriting expert Ruth Myers has given each entrant’s handwriting the once over, read the results below.

There is still time to enter, see details at the bottom of this post.

Sally Jefferies

Ruth says: “Sally is friendly in attitude her emotions tend to rule her thinking. She can be sympathetic quick to react – has a very good intellect – subject to mood swings”

Kate Holt

Ruth says: “Kate has an optimistic attitude to life cannot easily conceal her feelings- she can lose control under intense pressure. A good listener – selective in friendships”

Charlie Moore

Ruth says: “This writer exercises control over her emotions having quick insight she has good rapport with others at all levels. Creative with flair. Considerate and objective -shy”

Sam Abbott

Ruth says: “This writer has a moderate temperament. She has high goals and initiative. Outwardly poised,obdurate, not overly communicative,creative, cultural leanings”

Hollie Ward

Ruth says: “This writer is exacting with creative leanings. Pleasant disposition, direct in manner cool in temperament. Observer of life, difficulty in expressing her feelings”

Natasha Keohane

Ruth says: “An independent writer -she sets her own standards. Exacting, attention to detail is important. Good concentration- can focus on goals – strong depth of emotion”

Leila Gregory

Ruth says: “Creative, perfectionist impatient,conscientious,amiable,good intellect,considerate, disciplined, shy. Deeply emotional capacity for enjoyment of sensory impressions”

Thank you to all those who have submitted entries so far. If you’d like to get your handwriting analysed then please write two of the following phrases on a blank piece of paper. Writing must be joined, with no block capitcals:

Be Bamboo Words: “I am…

Creative Clear Intuitive
Playful Professional Unique
Precise Fun Ingenious
Inspired Efficient Easy
Inventive Enjoyable Fast
Accurate Useful Responsive
Simple Boundless Positive
Imaginative Detailed Constructive
Curious Exciting Engaging
Compelling Instinctive Open
Entertaining Natural Individual
Stimulating Innate Expressive
Quick Pleasing Idiosyncratic
Flexible Effective Colourful
Inspiring Exhilarating Adventurous
Jolly Immediate Surprising
Versatile Unexpected Reliable
Mobile Enabling Spontaneous
Meticulous Direct Practical
Helpful Comfortable Conceptual
Personal Familiar Pragmatic
Productive Intriguing Inventive
Capable Vivid Witty

Scan and e-mail your submissions to Alternatively, Wacom pen & tablet users can use the Bamboo app Doodler, which enables you to capture any thought, idea or message and save it on the computer or share them with friends or colleagues.

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