Apple and Multi-Touch

Oh look!  It seems that the apple rumour sites are getting all excited over the seemingly imminent hardware revisions and to be honest, who can blame them?  For me, however, the biggest news this week has been slightly overlooked.  Dun Dun Dun, the release of the Safari 4 beta.  I’m a fan of it’s increased “Teh Snappiness™” and the addition of HTML 5 offline support to rival Google’s Gears.  It’s not just these advancements that have caught my gadget eye.

Ladies (and gentlemen) I present  Internet search history in Cover Flow mode and the delicious Top Sites.  Both of which made me wish for this eye candy enhancement to be moved down onto my iPhone.  Alas, current technology restraints won’t allow it at the moment, my launch day MacBook struggles to allow me to flick through my browsing history in Cover Flow, let alone my iPhone that struggles occasionally with keyboard input!

It’s another program (a program that’s integral to most mac users) that apple have made a little bit nearer to being fully ‘finger friendly’.

I may be wrong but I see a statement of intent, that apple are slowly looking at introducing touch screen computing to customers in something else other than the iPhone.  Now this isn’t going to be an article of the mythical ‘apple tablet‘ that has littered the internet for quite a few years, let me clear that up immediately. There just isn’t the battery power available that will allow a sensibly sized device that has the grunt to pull off this, let alone the processor, cooling systems, etc.

Plus the new apple notebooks… am I the only one that has trouble remembering what swipes do what with how many fingers??  Cmon!

Despite what apple announce over the coming months (and it’s not going to be a tablet) I will continue to enjoy the addition of Multi-Touch-esque GUI design aesthetics in their software.

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