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T-Mobile join forces with Blockbuster

Thousands of people lining the streets of London, singing pretty badly into their phones, hairbrushes and anything else they managed to pull from their bags – Who could be responsible for this ruckus? T-Mobile of course – and now they’re bringing the fun off the street, into the home! For years, the carrier has continuiouslyContinue Reading “T-Mobile join forces with Blockbuster”


To scribe or not to scribe, that is the Livescribe Pulse

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen When you get the pen out the box, you may be disappointed, it’s not exactly the prettiest pen on the market, it’s quite bulky and is in effect a glorified biro. However initial appearances don’t take into account of what the pen can actually do. It has an infrared camera in its snout, aContinue Reading “To scribe or not to scribe, that is the Livescribe Pulse”


AKG K480NC noise cancelling, folding headphones

I have to admit, I’ve never really understood why people spend so much money on headphones…. I have always limited my spend to about approx. £25, give or take a tenner. However on being sent these AKG headphones to review, I have certainly changed my mind on the matter. They came in their folded formContinue Reading “AKG K480NC noise cancelling, folding headphones”


Dell Studio 17 Multi-Touch Laptop

Although it looks suave, this laptop is certainly not designed for the small-framed person. With its gigantic 17.3-inch screen in front of you, as a small person (which I am), you’ll be left wondering why it’s bigger than you are. Having said that, it does have its uses. Despite its hefty appearance and weight (theyContinue Reading “Dell Studio 17 Multi-Touch Laptop”


G’n’G Christmas Competition

Heathrow has launched a new gifting website to give those travelling through the airport this Christmas some festive inspiration or perhaps a present to add to their own wish list.  It’s a great place to find the newest and coolest gifts, share ideas and get top tips on the presents with the wow factor. Continue Reading “G’n’G Christmas Competition”