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Girls ‘n’ Gadgets wins an Award!

Founder Leila Gilley Accepting Awards
Founder Leila Gilley Accepting Awards

Girls ‘n’ Gadgets won the  Computer Weekly – Best Company/corporate: SMEs Award in a fantastic awards ceremony in London last night.

The awards were held at the uber trendy Shoreditch House and attracted top tech journalists/ bloggers such as Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC), Hermione Way (News Pepper and Techfluff ) and Kevin Anderson (Guardian).

Other winners included Michelle Flynn (Individual IT professional female), Steve Clayton (Individual IT professional male) and Elizabeth Harrin (Project management). The big winner of the night though was Graham Cluley with a whopping 3 awards (IT security, IT Twitter User of the Year and Best of the Best). Cap Gemini scooped two (Company/corporate: large enterprise and CIO/IT director).

List of Winners:

* CIO/IT director
Winner: Capgemini – CTO Blog
Runner up: CIO Blog – Peter Birley

* IT consultant and analyst
Winner: ITP Report – Alim Ozcan report
Runner up: The IT Skeptic

* Individual IT professional male
Winner: Steve Clayton – Geek in disguise
Runner up: TechHead

* Individual IT professional female
Winner: Flynny’s blog – EMC Consulting
Runner up: A girl’s guide to Project Management

* Company/corporate: large enterprise
Winner: Technology blog – Capgemini
Runner up: TechCrunch

* Company/corporate: SMEs
Winner: Girls’n’Gadgets
Runner up: The Symbian blog

* Project management (including methodologies, e.g. Agile)
Winner: A girl’s guide to Project management
Runner up: ZDNet – IT project failures – Michael Krigsman

* Sustainable and green IT
Winner: Greenbang
Runner up: Kate Craig-Wood – Kate’s Comment

* IT security
Winner: Graham Cluley’s Blog Sophos
Runner up: Countermeasures

* Open source in business
Runner up: ComputerWorld UK – Open Enterprise

* IT Twitter user of the year
Winner: @gcluley
Runners up: @stephenfry and @rickmans

Individual IT professional female

1 thought on “Girls ‘n’ Gadgets wins an Award!”

  1. Well done on the award!

    Although, I gotta say I was a little confused with Computer Weekly’s categorisations.
    Judging from the description, the Company/Corporate SME category was to “showcase the best official blogs from SMEs that keep customers, suppliers and the rest of the world up to date with a company’s developments” I just couldn’t quite understand how a gadget/tech review blog fit that description. Something that Computer Weekly maybe needs to review for next year.

    Still, the public voted on this blog out of all in the category, so congrats and all the best. Keep up the good work!

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