Vapr L1 disposable e-cigarettes
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Vapr L1 disposable e-cigarettes

A little while back I wrote about e-cigarettes and how they’re becoming a popular choice, especially with those people who’re trying to give up. Well, I made a fantastic little discovery recently.

In my last post, I told you about a brand called Bloog, an e-cigarette manufacturer who seem to have nailed the cigarette lookalike vaporisers (also referred to as cigalikes). I was never a fan of cigalikes until I came across Bloog’s as I tried a few disposable ones and they weren’t very good. There was very little flavour and you had to really ‘pull’ on them, almost pulling a muscle, to get a decent amount of vape. As far as the disposable e-cigs went, I’d given up on them.

That was, until I came across the Vapr L1’s. I saw them listed on Hot UK Deals. They were offering free samples and so I thought, why not?! There are 4 flavours, Bold, Regular, Menthol and Cherry. I went with the Cherry as I do like a nice Cherry vape. Cherry is also one of those flavours that are hit or miss. The Vapr L1 Cherry is so much WIN! It really does taste like Cherry and it’s a nice strong flavour through out the vape, even when it’s on it’s way out. Flavour wise, this also goes for the Bold, Regular and Menthol. The Vapr L1’s contain 1.5% Nicotine and last for approx 200 puffs per cigarette.

CherryfullYou don’t have to inhale too deeply for a strong vape either. It really is effortless and feels like you’re smoking. So if you’re battling with the holding something habit, this will definitely satisfy that craving, as well as the nicotine.

Price wise, I personally think these are a steal. Disposables in the newsagents are about £7 and up for one e-cigarette. The Vapr L1’s are a bargain at £9.99 for three! Yes, THREE! They also come in a really nice little plastic box which is perfect for keeping them clean and safe in your bag or pocket.

Postage is super quick with Vapr. Even if you go for the free postage option, it still makes it to you in a couple of days. If you have any questions, they’re answered super quick by a lovely lady called Claire.

I couldn’t recommend these highly enough if you’re a vaper or someone looking to quit smoking. They really are a nice smooth vaping experience. My only suggestion would be to introduce more strengths and flavours to suit all vapers needs. Full marks Vapr, a well thought about ecig. Time to stock up on my Cherry vapes, I’m on my last one o_O

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