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Be Bamboo Competition: Winners’ handwriting revealed

Back in December, Bamboo launched a competition for Girls’n’Gadgets readers to have their handwriting analysed by leading graphologist Ruth Myers. We had many entries and it was very interesting to read what Ruth uncovered about your personalities from the way you crossed your ‘t’s and dotted your ‘i’s. Two winners were selected for a more in-depth analysis of their handwriting. Ruth has spent time looking over a specimen of both Matilda Burgess and Joe Johnson’s handwriting and here is what she has to say…


What Ruth said about Matilda’s handwriting…

Matilda has the ability to focus on her goals without giving in to distractions.  She has a very good intellect and has an interest in the sciences. She also has a very good imagination.

She is a deeply emotional person, but hides her feelings and exercises enormous self-control. As a consequence, she allows no intrusion into her inner life.

Matilda has a strong will-power, drive and ambition. She can motivate others with her enthusiasm and zeal, making her a great leader.

Matilda has great dexterity and an ability to be resourceful when she needs to be. She has a strong personality, is direct in manner and can resist authority. Alert to any injustices, Matilda can be defiant when challenged.

However, Matilda is self-conscious – anxious to avoid ridicule and sensitive to criticism. She is friendly and eager to present a good image to others. Although she may appear sociable, mood swings prevail. She can be cold, defensive and unresponsive to others having a strong self-interest.

Matilda appreciates the good qualities in life and is conscious of sensory impressions – enjoying tone, flavour, fragrances and all forms of beauty.

What Ruth said about Joe’s handwriting…

Joe has a very good intellect. He is ambitious, competitive and disciplined. His drive to succeed is enhanced with good motivation and enduring determination. He seeks perfection, likes order and sets a high standard. Joe pays attention to detail, needing accuracy. He seeks recognition, praise and appreciation.

His enthusiasm and ideas can inspire others. He has a direct nature and likes to take charge, yet he listens more than he communicates. Joe can be subject to mood swings and has a tendency to be on the defensive.

Joe has a broad perspective of life.  He takes in and absorbs all he sees, which fuels his artistic and creative flair.

He has a philosophical attitude to life. Joe absorbs all forms of beauty and culture – enjoying good living, good food, wine and music.

He has excellent timing and can think smoothly and consecutively.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is the first interactive tablet combining multi-touch and pen input. Providing a simple and spontaneous way of using computers at home or work, you operate it by either using your fingers or the digital pen provided. It is the perfect tool for self-expression and personalisation when communicating through social networking tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, or for producing everyday documents like presentations. It enables anyone to be creative.
There are five models in the range – Bamboo, Bamboo Fun, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Touch and Bamboo Special Edition. Each one comes with Bamboo Apps, which are an ever-increasing series of small but useful tools that enable you to do anything from digital doodling and sketching, to adding handwritten notes to a map or playing addictive little games in your lunch hour.  The Doodle application allows Bamboo users to freely draw, sketch or write short handwritten notes.

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