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To PC or not to PC? That is the question!

As a gamer for many years, I’ve always taken the console route. At 40, I’ve never owned my own PC! Shocking, I know! Gaming on a PC never even occurred to me until I started watching more people on YouTube and Twitch and even then, I felt safe and knowledgeable in my little console bubble.Continue Reading “To PC or not to PC? That is the question!”

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Twitch and Girls ‘n Gadgets in 2022

Where have I been? It’s been a while since updating here! In short, life happened… As a mum to 2 boys, both with special needs, I needed to take some time out to deal with their schooling and my new career as a Software Tester. With one son going through GCSE’s and the other startingContinue Reading “Twitch and Girls ‘n Gadgets in 2022”