OneTab: Tab-Tastic Web Browser Management
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OneTab: Tab-Tastic Web Browser Management

Remember when internet browsers only allowed one window to be open?
Then they allowed internet users to have multiple browser windows open and those who were using Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla or even Chrome in their infancy can recall that the ability to have just one browser window open or many that had multiple tabs running multiple web pages is a luxury that is still pretty new to all of us.

In fact I can still remember carefully and painstakingly dragging windows in my screen and balancing the open windows.  Technically that still occurs if more than one application is open that is needed to be accessed and seen simultaneously such as an excel spreadsheet that needs a web browser supplied web site to get information from and a word document or power point.  We’ve all been there.  The web has programmed us all to be content hungry consumers of  a steady stream of information and multi-tasking has become a norm.

onetab 2-tiff

While this app may not be necessary for those who have a firm grasp on the ability to focus and follow through on one task at a time and are organizational experts, I, for one, am extremely guilty and confess to regularly finding my desktop to be crowded with open application windows.  Worst yet, at any given moment (like this very one,) I have at least 10 Google Chrome web browser tabs running at the same time that I either am consuming information, enjoying and reading material from, a social network or two that I am participating in conversations on, getting real time feeds on Twitter and also doing work of via Google Docs and Gmail.  Even more offending to the effort to focus, I’m often also operating any number of applications and accessing web sites and responding to messages and calls from multiple screens, windows, browsers and devices.

Alas, someone has finally invented an application for all web browser tab happy people who have at least a mild case of ADD when it comes to being web browser tab crazy: OneTab.  OneTab takes all of the tabs you have open (40 in the screen grab of the app above) and consolidates them all onto one web browser tabbed page as a hyperlink enabled list, enabling the saving of up to 95% memory, enabling the computer to run faster by reducing the CPU load and banishing tab clutter in Google Chrome.

OneTab also boasts a number of additional features that can be exceptionally useful as well:

– Export and import your tabs as a list of URLs.

– Create a web page from your list of tabs, so that you can easily share your tabs with other people, other computers, or with your smartphone or tablet.

– Drag and drop tabs in your OneTab list to reorder them.

– Functionality for the saving of favorite OneTab lists.

After using the app for even just a week, the enjoyment of some additional productivity and the helpfulness of the app has been incredible and may come in handy for you too!

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