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New Toffee Leather Messenger Satchel is to die for

We at Girls n Gadgets are big fans of Australian brand toffee and when they get in contact about a new product, we know that it won’t disappoint. The latest range that the tech-style gurus have sent us is its leather messenger satchel made for a Mac Book Pro or Air – of course it’llContinue Reading “New Toffee Leather Messenger Satchel is to die for”


Super sophisticated iPad covers from toffee

An iPad is beauty in itself, but as much as we’d love to leave it unprotected…there’s nothing worse then a scratched or cracked iPad. Hence we are always on the lookout for a case that protects while also maintaining our iPad’s sexy design. Thankfully a Sydney based company called toffee has created just this andContinue Reading “Super sophisticated iPad covers from toffee”