FOWA – It’s all about exactly that

This year’s FOWA was my first, and what an event it turned out to be. There are so many exciting things in store for us and I was delighted to get an insight into the Future of Web Applications!

All of the presentations were interesting and beneficial and I struggled to whittle them down to a compiled a list of points from those that I found particularly interesting, but here goes.


FOWA 2009

Having lived a mile or so away from last year’s venue, I remember my local Twitter stream showing nothing but tweets from the conference. Many Web professionals talk highly of the Future Of Web Apps Conference (FOWA) and so this year I thought I would go along and see what the hype is all about.Continue Reading “FOWA 2009”


Geek Girl Dinners go down a storm

Last night I was invited to the fourth anniversary event for London’s Girl Geek Dinners and it was the first one I had ever been to. The event, which takes place every few months, looks at and debates how girls and tech can be moved more into the mainstream arena and get advertisers to takeContinue Reading “Geek Girl Dinners go down a storm”


Blame Drew’s Cancer – Do it today!!!

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G’n’G Women in Tech Week – Elizabetta Camilleri, Aroxo and Tereca

Originally from Malta, Elizabetta first worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers before coming to London to study for her MBA at the London Business School. One of her most formative early influences was being appointed Strategic Marketing Director for, one of the first travel Internet companies. Having experienced everything an Internet start-up had to offer,Continue Reading “G’n’G Women in Tech Week – Elizabetta Camilleri, Aroxo and Tereca”


G’n’G Women in Tech Week – Wendy Tan White, &

  Wendy Tan White & Hi I’m Wendy Tan White, founder of and Marketing Director of I’m a tech entrepreneur, mother of two and a smart textiles designer for fun. When I started out in tech in 1989 there were certainly no groups like Girls n Gadgets, SiliconStillettoes or TheNextWomen so I’mContinue Reading “G’n’G Women in Tech Week – Wendy Tan White, &”