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OneTab: Tab-Tastic Web Browser Management

Remember when internet browsers only allowed one window to be open? Then they allowed internet users to have multiple browser windows open and those who were using Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla or even Chrome in their infancy can recall that the ability to have just one browser window open or many that had multiple tabsContinue Reading “OneTab: Tab-Tastic Web Browser Management”

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ThreadMatcher – A Fast Retail Therapy & Style Inspiration Fix

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re employed, raising children or just plain busy enjoying life, there’s barely any time in any of our lives to get succinct about our wish lists for the next two quarters’ gifting season.  Goodbye wedding gift season, hello holidays and Valentine’s Day.  Tis the seasons for receiving. WhileContinue Reading “ThreadMatcher – A Fast Retail Therapy & Style Inspiration Fix”

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Digital Cameras That Perform Under Tough Conditions

Waterproof, freeze proof, shock proof, GPS trackable with compasses and more – digital cameras as we’ve known them have been improved.  Just as smartphone cameras seem to be making digital cameras and (gasp) film cameras obsolete, the manufacturers of cameras step it up a notch and have upped their ante by offering digital cameras withContinue Reading “Digital Cameras That Perform Under Tough Conditions”


If You Like Instragram, You Can Insta-Cover Your Twitter and Facebook

They say the world is prettier with rose-colored glasses. Instagram delivers a world prettier through its’ many filters. Pick a filter any filter and the photo you just took transforms into a work of art, a film bite and even a trip back into time. Following Instragram’s mega successful acquisition by Facebook, thousands of new andContinue Reading “If You Like Instragram, You Can Insta-Cover Your Twitter and Facebook”

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Call Me Maybe, Better Still…Leave a Video Message!

Love it when I get an app to check out by friends and family. It’s always interesting and fascinating to discover what makes other people’s lives better and/or easier. I think the person who I adore most when introducing me to any new tech discovery is my mother. Hands down. She’s not only an incredibleContinue Reading “Call Me Maybe, Better Still…Leave a Video Message!”