Marvellous Maroo

Men can be a nightmare to buy for any occasion, let alone valentines day! So, here at GnG, we thought we would give you a little bit of inspiration by sharing with you some fabulous cases from Maroo. Maroo have such a beautiful range of products. They come in all colours and designs and bestContinue Reading “Marvellous Maroo”

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D.Bramante 1928 – Spoil your gadget this Christmas

Many people will be getting shiny new gadgets this year for Christmas. If you’re looking for that little bit of luxury at affordable prices, then look no further than D Bramante 1928 accessories. These are real quality leather goods. Fropm the moment you open the packaging and you smell the luxurious leather, you won’t beContinue Reading “D.Bramante 1928 – Spoil your gadget this Christmas”

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DAB Radio Guide for this Christmas from John Lewis

DAB radio guide Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a shiny new gadget waiting for us under the tree. And while it may sound a little old-school, the humble radio has become a must-have item on every gadget lover’s wish list. Our John Lewis guest blogger explains why… Forget crackly signals and twiddly knobs, theseContinue Reading “DAB Radio Guide for this Christmas from John Lewis”