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Orange transforming volunteering by harnessing the power of mobile

Large corporations are in the perfect position to champion change, but often times it’s “not in the budget” or simply not in line with their agenda. With the social media spotlight now shining hotly, consumers demand greater transparency from these companies — and we’re seeing changes left and right. Orange seems to be up withContinue Reading “Orange transforming volunteering by harnessing the power of mobile”


Google gives away Android, but owns your identity

Google’s Eric Schmidt announced that Google was activating 200,000 Aandroid phones per day, that’s an increase of over 100% from the same time last year and must be causing Apple a few nightmares. Though to put it in perspective, Nokia are still selling over 1.4m phones per day. Google, Apple Microsoft and Nokia own theContinue Reading “Google gives away Android, but owns your identity”


PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

Nintendo’s ever-popular Pokémon series has more spin-off titles than you can shake a stick at. From puzzle titles to a game based around taking snapshots of the critters, Nintendo know the possibilities with the series are huge. Along with these games, once per home console generation, the series mascot “Pikachu” gets the chance to shineContinue Reading “PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure”


Guest Post: Sony MDR-RF4000 – Wireless Headphones

Our guest blogger Gary Kemp puts Sony’s latest wireless headphones through their paces. Before I start the review proper, a confession: I have never seen the point of cordless headphones. From my point of view – I call it ‘traditional’, although others might call it ‘stuck in the past’ – your music of choice isContinue Reading “Guest Post: Sony MDR-RF4000 – Wireless Headphones”


Girl Geek Dinners turns 5 (Guest post by Judith Lewis)

Have you ever heard of London Girl Geek Dinners?  What started as an organisation of a few passionate women has blossomed into a worldwide network of “dinners” from New Zealand through to Toronto and now the home of that movement is turning 5 years old! London Girl Geek Dinners really does hope to change theContinue Reading “Girl Geek Dinners turns 5 (Guest post by Judith Lewis)”