Women in Tech – Battling the Bias
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Women in Tech – Battling the Bias

The ‘ick’

I’ve been running Girls ‘n Gadgets for over nine years now. I’ve always aimed to be a voice within women in tech and make tech fun and understandable. However, it never fails to amaze me how gender biased and narrow minded technology companies and their PR’s can be. Nine years ago, I guess youcould argue that it wasn’t a surprise but that things were ‘changing’. Almost a decade on, I don’t see a huge change and that has really upset me of late.

I’ve been quiet on here over the past few years, due to children and health issues. But having made my return to the work place and getting my sanity and energy back, I feel it’s time to use this blog for what it was truly intended for from the beginning- technology for women, by women.

The Vision

It’s time to start really putting these companies to the test and to create a voice once more on ‘women in tech’ and tech aimed at women. Just because you make something pink, it doesn’t mean you’ve created a product aimed at women. We don’t necessarily need bright colours and silly features, just think about how is best to market it towards women without all of he novelty.

It’s about time that these companies do more than just ‘making things pink’. Let’s see some adverts with inspirational women showing off a product. Let’s see PR companies inviting more women to their events. It’s so disheartening going to these events and being one of just a handful of women there.

Additionally, PR’s/ Tech companies – it’s not about partnering with Mummy Bloggers all the time. They seem to be one of the only female partnerships I ever see these days. Please think outside of the box. No offence to my fellow mummy bloggers, this is in no way an attack on you guys! Just an observation of a 30 something tech head who would like to see a bit more diversity towards marketing towards a female audience.

Living the Dream

For those of you that don’t know, 6 months ago I made the big decision to return to work after a long and stressful five years away from the workplace. It’s a huge decision in itself, but I had to make it more difficult for myself, didn’t I?!

For years, I had wanted to work in an engineering capacity, but I didn’t have a computer science degree, I couldn’t code and I had no experience. My husband, who is a software architect, suggested I look at testing. This wasn’t the first time testing had been mentioned to me. A few of the developers at my previous company had mentioned it also, so it was at the back of my mind. The big question was ‘how’ to do it.

Long story short, I’m now a tester at a consultancy in London, working on mobile and web apps and I love it! I couldn’t be happier and I’m learning so much. It’s given me so much more confidence and I feel the want and the need to share my story on how I managed to break an unhealthy vicious cycle and follow my dream to truly become a ‘woman in tech’.

Now what?!

Despite this little blog being neglected, I still get a very healthy number of visitors daily. Having started work, full time, that has actually given me more time to work on reviews, talks and attend events in the London area.

I want to become a voice within the tech  and women in tech arenas. I want to inspire Mum’s, young girls and women in general to become more tech savvy and have the confidence to work towards a career in the technology field.

New Direction – More Women in Tech

So I have a bit of a new direction I’d like to explore on here. As well as my focus on mobile, audio and accessories, I would like to introduce some more personal pieces. I’d like to interview some inspirational women and cover tech events.

I’m putting a lot of time, money and energy into this women in tech initiative and if you’re someone who would like to support me in one way or another, I would be very grateful. PR’s especially, I hope I haven’t put you off. I would like to help you reach an audience of more tech minded women and also reach those that may not be that tech savvy (yet!). So, if you have a product to pimp, please contact me on leila@girlsngadgets.com and we can discuss working together.

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