Snakehive – Luxury cases at affordable prices
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Snakehive – Luxury cases at affordable prices

I love a good leather case and when I was offered to review the Snakehive cases, I was really keen. I was completely spoilt for choice and in the end I settled on a beautiful ruby red wallet case. Wallet cases aren’t my usual choice, but I wanted to try something different, for a change.

Now, it’s funny, my Dad bought a leather case a year ago and raved about it… constantly… to the point where it got very boring indeed! I’ve had hundreds of cases and so I didn’t really pay too much attention to him, other than to say I was pleased for him. It wasn’t until he popped over last weekend and saw the Snakehive box and commented, that I realised the ‘amazing’ leather case he was banging on about all the time was also Snakehive. NOW I understand why he was on the hype all the time, because the cases really are an item of beauty!

The case I chose is a lovely soft ruby red dappled leather, with a card slot and larger pocket in the inside – perfect for my bank card and business cards when I’m out and about. The phone sits securely in a plastic holder and the case folds into a kickstand position for watching your videos with ease. These cases are beautifully stitched and and ooze luxury. This case is priced at a reasonable £21.95 and available from their website. The cases come in a beautiful box which makes the product feel like twice the price – the quality is certainly there!


Snakehive cases have a premium feel at an affordable price. I’m a huge supporter of British brands and not only are they British, they’re based up the road from me in Dorking, Surrey which is even better! The cases range from an outstanding  £9.95 upwards and are available for all leading mobile phone brands. They have an outstanding range of styles and colours. But I’m warning you, once you get your first case, you will want to collect them all. I have had such positive feedback on my case, I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Easily full marks! Best leather cases I’ve had to date! For more pictures, please head over to my Instagram.


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