B&O Beoplay A1 Review – The little, BIG speaker!
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B&O Beoplay A1 Review – The little, BIG speaker!

We are very much a music loving household. I’ve had so many speakers in the past and have been quite underwhelmed, so hopefully I can be forgiven for not being as excited about the Beoplay A1 Speaker as I should have been.

It comes in a simple, but attractive box. The speaker itself has a matt silver aluminium front with smooth rubber like covering. The buttons are hidden beneath the rubber covering making it smooth in appearance.  Attached is a strong brown leather strap which is handy for carrying around or hanging the speaker. As you would expect from Danish Bang & Olufsen, it’s beautifully designed and is an extremely attractive speaker. Rather than hide it away in a corner, we have proudly displayed it on the wall of our lounge which completely maximises the look and sound. It also comes in other colours which include moss green, black and deep red.

For it’s size, this speaker is powerful. It measures 4.8 x 13.3 cm, which isn’t huge but it weighs 1.3lbs, which is heavier than I expected, but it completely adds to the luxury feel of it. As I said, although small, this speaker is powerful and is easily the best speaker of it’s size I’ve heard. The bass is deep and punchy, which on most speakers this size is almost non existent. Now, I’m by no means a sound expert, but the clarity and the projection from such a small speaker is incredible. It’s not tinny and empty like a lot you’ll find on the market.

As well as it’s incredible sound, this speaker also has a microphone for calls. The speaker is charged with a USB Type-C cable and one full charge will give you an impressive 24 hours play. You can connect to other A1’s via the Beoplay app which is available on iOS and Android.


Priced at £199, they’re not your average travel speaker. But if it’s size and quality you’re after, then this is definitely the speaker for you. The price is reasonable for an item of it’s quality and beauty. It’s perfect if you travel a lot and don’t want to compromise on sound when you’re away. These are available from the Beoplay shop.

Overall, this easily gets full marks from me – 5/5

See the initial unboxing here:

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