Xtorm XB102 Power Bank Review
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Xtorm XB102 Power Bank Review

As someone who is always on the go with two kids, two blogs and a handful of direct sales businesses, I rely massively on my tech! My mobile is SO important to me and acts like my computer. I do take along my iPad mini at times, depending on where I’m going, but as a result of this manic lifestyle, I need to be charged and connected all of the time!

Over the years, I’ve had a number of power banks. My favourite was the Pebble by Veho as it was a good size and held a good amount of charge. Just before Christmas, I was sent a Xtorm XB102 Power Bank to review. Having looked at the specs, I was excited to get my hands on this. I have to say, when I did, I wasn’t disappointed!

The unit is on the larger side, however, for the charge it holds (an impressive 15,000mAh), it’s not bad at all. It measures up at 13 x 7.5 x 2.2cm and fits nicely into most handbags. Although on the bigger size, I was still able to fit it into my little gold clutch on a night out recently. The X102 has an impressive charging ability. It can charge an iPad twice and a mobile seven times! Admittedly I haven’t needed to charge my phone 7 times in a day, but I can confirm that it’s comfortably charged my phone 5 times over a few days, without being charged back up again, which in itself is fantastic!

Another nice feature to this power bank is that it has a built in USB charger. So, you can charge it easily without the worry of having temporarily lost/ misplaced your lead. There’s a button on the unit that not only displays the current charge, it also turns the charge on and off when charging if needed. As if that already isn’t enough, there are three ports on the side where you can simultaneously charge three devices at once!

Overall, I love this! It gets a solid 9/10 from us. Take a look at the video review here:


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