Girls n Gadgets join Tech Addicts Pod Cast!
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Girls n Gadgets join Tech Addicts Pod Cast!

Oh it’s been a long old time, but GnG is back and it’s better than ever! Not only will we be bringing you hands on video reviews, we have joined forces with the guys over at Tech Addicts to bring you the latest and greatest Tech news!!!

You’ll have to be kind to me as I was very nervous this week. It was my first podcast and I had to have a glass of wine to steady myself, but it was great fun and I look forward to my next show with the guys.

Tech addicts is made up of Gareth from Tracy and Matt, Jay from Gadgety News and Gavin from Gavin’s Gadgets. I (Swanny) am currently the only girl on the team, so representing!

Please have a listen and comment with anything you might like to hear or if you have any questions you’d like us to cover on the show! Enjoy!

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