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Listen in Fashion!

Summer is almost here and so it’s time to get out the outfits and accessories to go with it. Why not do the same for your mobile tech too! Don’t settle for plain and boring accessories for your mobile devices, get yourself some ChicBuds and look great on the go!

ChicBuds was launched in 2005 when their founders saw a gap in the market for fashionable, designer tech accessories for girls. They are dedicated to producing ‘fastionable, fun and functional tech accessories’ for girls who love a bit of style when using their must have tech accessories. So you can now work and study in style!

I have to say, I absolutely love my ChicBuds. They have a flat cord that makes them tangle free. So many brands boast ‘tangle free’ cords, but these are the first that I’ve come across that actually work. I keep my ChicBuds rolled up neatly in my handbag and they never come out tangled. Considering my bag contents, that’s extremely impressive!

They have a microphone which also has a button so you can play and stop your music or make and answer calls, should you be using them with a phone. The sound is surprisingly good quality – It’s clear, nicely balanced as is the microphone, making calling easy and handsfree.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the ChicBud ranges in general. Although I only have the ear phones at the moment, it’s definitely a range I would look at expanding. You can get a number of different items such as portable speakers, cases and laptop accessories. Next on my list most certainly has to be one of the wireless keyboards, they look lush! ChicBuds ranges start at just $14.99 and you can purchase them directly from the store on the ChicBud website.

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