Yoshie & Nico: A Hidden Gem!
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Yoshie & Nico: A Hidden Gem!

Yoshi & Nico Floral Case
Yoshie & Nico Floral Case

So, we showcased some lovely phone cases from the likes of Ted Baker and Barbour the other week, but we have a little hidden treasure to share with you!

The very trendy sounding Yoshie & Nico have some amazing iPhone cases in their range. We tried out one of their floral cases and I was really surprised by its durability and quality.

Most iPhone cases from Yoshie & Nico are priced at an incredible £9.99 and not only do they cater for iPhones, they also have a case for most mobile brands and tablets alike. Definitely worth having a visit to their website and browsing through the extensive catalogue of mobile accessories.

They are the perfect one stop shop if you’re buying for anyone who likes accessories. There’s something for everyone, both male and female on their site and you can be assured you’re getting quality at great prices. One for our favourites page I think!


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